ADAPTATIONS FROM THE MOON - Tuxedomooning The World

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is, the tribute to our all-time favourite music group Tuxedomoon.
Thanks to the World Wide Web and Eric's Yahoo Group, that made it actually possible for the admirers of Tuxedomoon's music to meet and exchange information from all over the planet and to share their passion.
This disc provides extraordinary and awesome versions of classic Tuxedomoon songs as well as new interpretations of hidden diamonds from their San Francisco period which have been re-arranged and recorded by bands, music projects and artists who all felt that they should pay their tribute to Tuxedomoon and their work.
Electronic beats, jazzy harmonies, resident-esque pop music as well as dancefloor fillers and noise collages for intense headphone experiences; I am pretty sure that you, the listener, will like and enjoy the music as much as I do and that this album somehow leaves some vapour trails....
Thanks a lot to all contributing artists.
O. Schupp, Germany, 2007-10-01

The Track List:

01. Everything You Want - John Costello 4:24 (England)
02. Ninotchka - Phlitman & Kangaroo 3:39 (Belgium)
03. In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western 2) - Festspielhaus 4:03 (Germany)
04. Where Interests Lie - Gosane 2:59 (France)
05. Blind - Cabaret Of Complexity 4:00 (Portugal)
06. Egypt - John Costello 3:57 (England)
07. What Use? - Another 4:23 (Mexico)
08. In The Name Of Terror (Iraqi Western 2) - !!* 4:00 (Australia)
09. Some Guise - Cult With No Name 4:21 (England)
10. Everything You Want / The Stranger - Gosane 2:59 (France)
11. East - Duke Sexton 5:10 (U.S.A.)
12. Time To Lose - Dry Monopole 3:57 (France)
13. (Special Treatment For The) Family Man - MistakeMistake 4:01 (Serbia)
14. The Unknown Fan - Anonymous (Europe) 0:46

Cover Artwork: Richard M. Every